I failed

Yes. It was nice to try, and I got through 19 (albeit with the last two being posted in the wrong month… I assure you I did write them during April, mind you!).

For the remainder of my life (or just as long as I fancy) I’ll post random stuff here. Yeah. Cheerio.


19th of April

(posted extremely late, but here we are)


I think I feel
a wee bit nervous
a little

I cannot help
but wonder
was this maybe
a bad idea?

But then again
one will never live
if one refuses
to try

18th of April

(posted extremely late, but here we are)


Watch me go
hear me leave
smell my scent
as I disappear

Follow me
distract me
smile at me
love me

Tell me all
that which you
were thinking

Never let go
never leave me
never regret
being mine

15th of April

(posted late, but here we are)


Mismatched pieces
blend together
shredded paper
made whole

Plastic hearts
crushed, bent
faded, bashed

Cold sunshine
warm darkness
to guide
home, away

Breaking books
torn pages
dusty shelves
abandoned room

Wild halls
moths, spiders
cobweb, rot
disregarded but

Never forgotten.

14th of April

(posted late, but here we are)


Certain things that are said
one does best to ignore
for the truth one cannot shred
and the past one mustn’t abhor

What ought to be done is rarely
that which one might desire
but if it is to be done fairly
care and attention it would require

After mistakes one easily breaks down
for fear of failing yet again
thus one must do one’s best to drown
the disappointment and the pain